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Focused Facilities Management provides an error-proof system that is capable of scheduling all the required essential (Life Safety) services maintenance. It will ensure that the needs of the building and its residents come above everything else.

FFM also has a strong background in dealing with outsourced contractors. Providing building owners with a well planned contract that will only benefit the Owners quality-wise and cost-wise. Our directors have extensive experience dealing with contractors and maintenance companies, thus giving building Owners a better opportunity to ensure that all contract conditions are met by appointed contractors.


Our building managers manage the carrying out of scheduled  service;  they are then required to complete a detailed maintenance log, underlining and reporting any issues that arise as a result of the service being carried out in the building.

To ensure a fast response, FFM has designed a system where building managers have the capabilities of enlisting all the building issues to an online page where it can be viewed and responded by the area operation managers, the directors, as well as the owner’s corporation. FFM will then take  swift steps to minimize the downtime produced by such issues.


Last but not least, FFM has worked with a wide range of maintenance contractors, this will ensure the building owners have the opportunity to obtain high quality service at competitive prices.