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Conder Apartments – Docklands (Water Harvesting Project)

In October 2009, FFM designed and project managed the installation of a $20,000 water retention project that is used to divert the waste water from the main drainage pipe of the fire service sprinkler system during weekly testing into newly installed holding tanks. The water is then used for irrigating the garden on the podium level. An estimated 8000K/L will be harvested annually, as well as an additional 600K/L of water from rainfall based on assumption of average rainfall per year and roof area. The project has attracted a $9,500 rebate from City West Water and will also provide the building with water cost savings into the future.


Melburnian Apartments – Melbourne (Solar Panel Project)


Portside Apartments – Port Melbourne (Building Painting Project)


Aquavista Tower – Docklands (Heating Hot Water Boiler Upgrade Project)

New Boiler Installation Aquavista Boiler1

Watermark Apartments – Hawthorn (Solar Energy Collection Plant Project)

Solar Panel Layout on roof top solar

Over the years FFM has undertaken many sustainability projects. In the last 12 months, a major solar energy collection plant was installed for one of our clients.

FFM undertook an energy audit of the entire building. The energy audit revealed a significant amount of use by a particular piece of plant equipment. In order to offset the plant’s energy usage the installation of a solar energy recovery plant was specified and modelled. A recommendation was accepted collectively by the owners and the solar energy recovery plant was installed which was directly connected to the plant’s distribution board. The system comprises of 80 panels feeding a 3 Phase, twin 20KW inverter system. The yield thus far has seen a reduction of 20% of the energy consumed from the grid. Pay back is soon to be achieved and the OC will soon enjoy the savings from this new addition to their complex.